Addressing Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you come up with the numbers you assign?

Our Addressing Scheme is based upon distance (Each 1/1000th of a mile (5.28 feet) is a potential address) (Each 1,000 equals a mile) We normally start at the beginning of the road and using a Distance Measurement Indicator (DMI), measure the distance to the driveway of the structure we're assigning an address. The resulting number is the address. Odd addresses are usually on the left, with even on the right (some of the original addresses assigned in the county are reversed)

For example, if your address is 2515 Bakerville Rd, you live a little over 2 1/2 miles up the road.

This method of addressing is invaluable for our Emergency Responders. As soon as our Dispatchers give them the address, they know exactly how far
down the road the house is, and on which side of the road. The description of your residence that you provide on the application is added to our local database and can further assist in locating you.

Can I make my driveway a private road and name it?

The answer is no. There are standards set forth for a new private road to be added. A private road is one that will not be maintained by the County Highway Department. Any road that is maintained by the County Highway Departmet falls under their jurisdiction, and all questions will be directed to them.

For a private road to be considered, it must service (3) three or more homes, it must be able to SAFELY accommodate emergency equipment, it is to be the responsibility of the owners to maintain the road, and the owners are responsible for keeping the road marked so that emergency personnel can locate the road.

Once it meets the above standards, the road name must be approved by the 911 Emergency Communications Director to assure the name of the road is suitable to be used. This prevents possible duplications of used road names. If a new private road is established, the owners will have to work with the Post Office for mail delivery. Just because a road is added, the USPS can choose not to deliver mail on the road. They may require all mail boxes be placed on the main road the private road adjoins.

Just because a private road is added to the 911 Emergency System Database does not mean it will be added to any navigation companies database. Example: (Garmin) They do not use the 911 database to get their information.

Why do I need to display my address?

Marking your address allows responders to locate you faster in the event of an emergency.

Why do I need to have my driveway cut in or marked before you can assign an address?

The driveway is the key point of our addressing system - it's the only point of the residence/business that intersects the road, and therefore our only reference point on which to locate the address. In many cases residences will not be visible from the roadway, making it even more important to locate the address on the driveway.

Driveways are key to the whole operation. Many times we will measure from an old driveway to the new one (add the address of the first driveway to the distance to the next). If you change your driveway's location significantly (more than a few feet), you're not only changing your address, you could be changing the address of present or future neighbors down the road from you!

How long does it take to get an address assigned?

We make every effort to get addresses assigned within a few days, however delays can occur because of scheduling issues at the 911 Center. In the event that your address is part of a new subdivision or private road, those road names have to be approved by a vote of the 911 Board which meets monthly. We recommend new road names any time more than 2 residents share a common driveway.

Is the address you assign also my mailing address?

Yes, but check with the local post office concerning where to locate your mailbox.

Now that I have the address, who do I need to give it to?

Make certain when you turn on your telephone service with BellSouth or TDS that you give them the correct address. When you dial 911 the information that is in their database is what we see on our systems. You will also need to provide the address to public utilities, etc.

I have moved and I am unsure of my new address, how do I find out what it is?

Contact our office and we will assist you in verifying your new address. Our phone number is 296-7792.

If you have any additional questions about addressing, please contact our office at 931-296-7792.